CETANA Salon Shampoo Room
CETANA Salon Waiting Lounge
CETANA Salon Waiting Lounge

Cetana Salon specializes in hair, skin maintenance, leveraging sustainably sourced, plant and flower derived beauty and wellness products from AVEDA.


Cetana. Acute awareness, concern and interest of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings.

It is embodied within intelligent, sentient beings who stand above the rest and who demonstrate excellence and an ability to connect with others through a conscious awareness of self.


At Cetana, we strive to provide exceptional services in a manner that is consistent with humane and sustainable practices while endeavoring to learn and educate.

Our vision is simply to create a relaxing and inviting salon experience, within a stylish and contemporary environment without pretense or pomp.


At the core of Cetana is a strong team comprised of accomplished Master to Junior Hair Stylists who tailor their craft to the individual needs of hair and skin because they understand that fundamentally everyone is unique.


At Cetana, we believe education is a long life journey. Hence, education is a primary tenet of our development.

Each of our Stylists is required to further their education through in-house advanced workshops and through courses taught by industry leaders at Advanced Haircutting and Color Academies; thus empowering them with the tools and expertise to deliver exceptional results and a one of kind experience.

Our New Talent Stylist team members are required to participate in a rigorous advanced training program that will ensure the quality of their service is at a par with that of their senior counterparts. Effectively, they are learning to cut and color with a conscientious heart and mind while under the supervision of our Director of Education; and, as an added benefit, our guests get to experience exceptional services at a lower introductory price. Please be patient, as New Talent Services take longer.